FinDom Addict

FinDom AddictA FinDom addict ran amok the other day.  I love it when that happens.  A horny, wanking loser maxed out his credit card as I drained his wallet into My account.

$3K in 24 hours mostly from one money slave.  Well, it’s not My best day, but it’s definitely in the top 10.  I had walled raped another pay pig earlier in the day for about $200, which is included in the totals shown.  But that’s another story.  So, I wound up ruining this money slave and taking well over $3,000 from him in 24 hours.  NiteFlirt takes its cut, so what I wound up with is in the picture above.

I think that this findom addict summed things up better than even I could in his desperate emails, as he bought ALL of My PTV Games, hot pix and Pay Pig Taxes.  So here is an example:

“Oh goddess im stroking so furiously im so hot and horny and weak  i went through my NF payment history and calculated exactly how much i went into debt for you its 3429.06 according to my math i came so hard stroking to your pictures well thinking about you living your princess life with all that money i went into debt to give you but i wish so much it could have been more now i know that all my available credit belongs to you and no one else i will make sure to keep going further for you more cards higher limits furthering my addiction to looping for you. Im gonna be jerking off for months and months to your pictures as i pay off my debt to get ready for the next time and i know next time im gonna run up even more of a debt and ruin myself even more i want to triple even quadruple my debt for you next time.”

Lmao… Isn’t that pathetic?  I never spoke to him, and I don’t know the vaguest thing about him, except his name, which he foolishly disclosed in his spending frenzy.  I just happened to notice someone starting to buy My FinDom games and started to egg him on in some emails.

Well, he wound up playing every single game I have until each and every final level, as well as buying every money slave tax and all My other FinDom captions and pix.  When he was done with that, he still had My tribute buttons to buy. So, one by one he paid them all too.  Starting at a $25 tribute, he worked his way up the ladder, paying each one, like a trapped, addicted financial slave, until he got to the highest possible amount of $999.

But he was worked up in too much of a pay pig frenzy at that point to stop.  So, he paid the $999 tribute and then I made him pay a few more small ones to totally max out his card.  Once he had no more money to spend, I pretty much had no more use for him.  So, I made him leave Me feedback and told him to start buying expired food to save money so that he can pay more money.

I love knowing that I ruined this pay pig loser, and that he will be trying to pay off this debt for who knows how long.  Truth be told, I think he should be paying it forever, because as soon as he pays down his card a bit, he needs to send Me that money.  He’s stuck in a FinDom addict loop and I don’t think he will ever get out!

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Extreme FinDom Exploitation

Extreme FinDomExtreme FinDom Exploitation – $50/minute.  I love exploiting the addictions of financial slaves.  The thought of blowing a paycheck or two… or three on Me just to blow your horny load is irresistible to you.

So let’s play a game… the $50 Per Minute Extreme FinDom Game!  There are a few ways for financial submissives to play this game, but the important thing to remember is that I always win!

One way to play this FinDom game is to load up your account with a lot of money.  You know it’s all going to wind up in My pretty little hands, so you might as well just load your account right up.  Then, with your heart pounding and your horny pay stick throbbing, call Me… and pay to speak to Me… at the rate of $50/min.

How long will I keep you on the phone?  How quickly will I drain your cash?  How much will you enjoy the thrill of extreme findom?  I think we both know the answers to these questions.  Hehe.

Extreme FinDom ExploitationOr, if you want to experience the thrill of paying Me $5o per minute for findom phone sex, but are too much of a pussy to really load up your account, just add $5o or $100.  This is no more than you would spend for a decent dinner with your boring girlfriend or dried up old wife, so it’s really nothing to freak out about.

This way, if you only have 1 or 2 minutes worth of money in your NiteFlirt account, you can still get your pathetic pay pig thrill of paying Me $50 per minute, but you don’t have to worry about hanging up quickly or getting addicted and staying on the phone while I drain thousands out of your account.

Or do you?  Well, there’s only one way to find out.  Call My Extreme FinDom Exploitation line now at $50/minute.

Ignore Phone Sex

Ignore Phone SexIgnore Phone Sex for pathetic losers like you!  You know you are an inferior chronic masturbator and financial slave. You don’t even deserve Me to talk to you.  So call My Ignore Phone Sex line and pay Me to ignore you.  Beg and whimper for Me to talk to you as I put the phone down and laugh under My breath (or out loud).

Don’t count on hearing My voice though.  I’ll be doing something far more interesting than talking to you while I take your money.  You might hear Me laugh at you.  You might get to eavesdrop on something fun I’m doing.  Or you might hear complete silence as I ignore your pathetic ass.

If you want to try to earn My attention, you can be a good little financial slave and send Me tributes while I cash drain you.  You can also buy My hot pix and play My FinDom PTV games to try to earn My attention.

Ignore Phone Sex

Maybe if you pay Me to ignore you long enough, I’ll come onto the phone and tell you what a good boy you are.  Let’s see just how long you will stay on My Ignore Phone Sex line.  I’ve had money slaves stay on and listen to Me sleep overnight.  Are you that good of a pay pig? Call Me now and let’s find out just how long you will pay Me to IGNORE you.

FinDom Cash Drain

FinDomCashDrain.comFinDom Cash Drain is here!  My new website features all of My hot pix, FinDom taxes and PTV games for pay pigs and money slaves!

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I have lots of findom captions pix, loser taxes, helpless pay pig taxes and multi-level FinDom games for financial domination addicts like you to buy.  Also, you can tribute Princess and spoil Me with gifts from My wishlist.

It is your job to earn money so that you can be a good little cash cow!  Obey Princess and pay for My fun FinDom games and your horny cock will be rewarded with pix of Me to addict you.  Since you are probably a compulsive masturbator, you love to get trapped in to My web of financial fuckery so that you can stroke all of your money into My account.

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Financial Domination Phone Sex

Financial Domination Phone SexFinancial Domination phone sex is My favorite!  I have been working for a phone sex company for a while now and decided that it’s time to really make some big money, so I went out on my own at NiteFlirt.  Financial domination, loser abuse and humiliation have been my favorite things to do.  And I’m really good at them.  REALLY GOOD.

I’ve always had old married men and pocket protector losers staring at me, so I might as well turn them into pay pigs as I tease them.  I love making men weak with My hot, perfect body.  Wallet rape is so much fun, especially when financial slaves are horny and soooo vulnerable.

I know the thought of a cash drain by a hot teem Princess like Me gets you so hard.  It’s pointless to try to resist Me.  You think you can stop being a money slave, but you always cave.  Hehe.

Go visit My NiteFlirt Financial Domination Phone Sex page, and check out My pix, games and FinDom taxes.  Be a good boy and start to click and pay for My hot pix and games.  Stroke away your resistance and soon you will be My addicted human wallet forever!

Financial Domination Phone SexBe a good boy and play My FinDom games now.  They are available 24/7.  Ot, talk to Me for live FinDom fuckery!  Call Me for Financial Domination phone sex any time My call button is ‘Available’.