Ignore Phone Sex

Ignore Phone SexIgnore Phone Sex for pathetic losers like you!  You know you are an inferior chronic masturbator and financial slave. You don’t even deserve Me to talk to you.  So call My Ignore Phone Sex line and pay Me to ignore you.  Beg and whimper for Me to talk to you as I put the phone down and laugh under My breath (or out loud).

Don’t count on hearing My voice though.  I’ll be doing something far more interesting than talking to you while I take your money.  You might hear Me laugh at you.  You might get to eavesdrop on something fun I’m doing.  Or you might hear complete silence as I ignore your pathetic ass.

If you want to try to earn My attention, you can be a good little financial slave and send Me tributes while I cash drain you.  You can also buy My hot pix and play My FinDom PTV games to try to earn My attention.

Ignore Phone Sex

Maybe if you pay Me to ignore you long enough, I’ll come onto the phone and tell you what a good boy you are.  Let’s see just how long you will stay on My Ignore Phone Sex line.  I’ve had money slaves stay on and listen to Me sleep overnight.  Are you that good of a pay pig? Call Me now and let’s find out just how long you will pay Me to IGNORE you.

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